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PAST EVENT: Thanksgiving Week Schedule: Mini Camps and Open Mash Ups

Please note that there will be NO regular Mash-Ups or Sport Series Programs from 11/23-11/29.

Instead, we will be holding a series of Open Mash-Up Classes and Mini Camps.

Session 2 starts Monday 11/30


Monday 11/23:

3:30-4:30 - Open Mash-Up Class (Ages 5-12), $25

4:30-5:30 - Open Mash-Up Class (Ages 5-12), $25

Tuesday 11/24:

3:30-4:30 - Open Mash-Up Class (Ages 5-12), $25

4:30-5:30 - Open Mash-Up Class (Ages 5-12), $25

Wednesday 11/25:

9AM-12PM - Pre-Thanksgiving Morning Mini-Camp (Ages 3 & up), $75

Thursday 11/26:


Friday 11/27:

12PM-3PM - Black Friday Afternoon Mini-Camp (Ages 3 & up), $75

Open Mash-Ups (Ages 5-12) Similar to our regular Mash-Up Classes, Fenom's Open Mash-Up Class will be a 60-minute multi-sport activity that not only teaches the game, but also safely introduces the importance of fitness in sports.

Fenom Mini Camps (Ages 3-12)

Designed to appeal to sports enthusiasts of all ages and abilities, Fenom's Mini Camps comprise of 3 hours of morning or afternoon fun, will keep kids active and engaged in a variety of team sports and fitness activities. You can count on us to hold a mini camp for your mini me on a day off from school! Drinks and snacks will be provided at all of our Mini Camps

All sessions will be comprised of sports instruction, obstacle courses, relay races, and other team-building activities in a fun and exciting setting.

BOOK NOW Please ensure that you BOOK your child into the mini camp(s) or the open mash-up(s) after purchasing the class. Alternatively, call (914)732-3000 to register.

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