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Fenom Snow School, Winter 2015

Hop on Board the Fenom Winter Express!


Monday, January 18th: Details to be finalized

Sunday, Febuary 7th

Monday, February 15th

Sunday, March 6th


Sunday, March 10th


Log the PARTICIPANT into our portal Click "BUY" and purchase the appropriate package under the "SPECIALTY" category

Enter payment details

Click "SCHEDULE" and along the left sidebar, click "SPECIALTY"

Book yourself into EACH session that you have purchased a package for

*Reservations made without payment may not be honored


Throughout the Winter months, Fenom organizes day trips to nearby local mountains , and winter parks with supervised fun and instruction for children of all abilities. Trips usually occur during long weekends and school holidays.

This season, in addition to ski and snowboard trips, we will be conducting trips to winter parks which include tubing, ice skating, sledding, and more, depending on the park that we visit.

Simply drop your child off at Fenom in the morning, leave the transportation, teaching, and fun up to us, and pick them up at Fenom at the end of the day!


Ski: $275 (no renatls), $325 (with rentals)

Snowoboard: $275 (no rentals), $350 (with rentals)

Tubing: $175

Cost includes transportation, ski lessons, lunch, drinks, snacks, and access to Fenom's finest instructors.


8:30am: Drop-off and registration at Fenom

9am: Fenom Winter Express departs to local mountains

10am-: Classes, private lessons, etc.

12pm: Lunch

2pm: More runs, more fun

5pm: Parent pick-up at Fenom

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