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Train on your own or bring your friend, partner, or child!  Fenom offers private and semi-private training for adults who are looking to improve their overall health and fitness. Fenom trainers will tailor each workout to target personal goals in fitness and performance.

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Feel like playing a sport?  We'll host.  Personal training?  Tell us what your needs are and we will pair you up with a trainer.  Perhaps you just want to use our cardio deck and weight rooms while your child is working out: book yourself into our Open Workout program.  None of the above?  Take a look at our offerings below.  From group classes to running clubs and our "commuter-special" Park & Train program, our offerings are unique and varied.  Fenom can create or customize any program for you based on your needs.  We are here to help you achieve your fitness goals.




We can prepare you in any season.  Rent out our Golf Simulator to practice your swing, sign yourself up for Golf Conditioning classes to keep those muscles alive, rent out our Golf Cage or sign up with our Golf instructor to better your game.  This is big.



People come to Fenom for our unique classes and space setup, small class sizes, and high energy instructors.  Where else can you jump on a surfboard and instantly engage your core while surfing on green turf?  Only at Fenom's SurfSet classes. We aren't afraid of sweat and hard work: get dirty in our brand new Dirty Thirty high intensity class, alternating between our spin room and studio for cardio and dynamic motion strength training to awaken and tone those muscles.  Or simply get a group of friends together and customize your own group session. Our small class sizes ensure the proper attention is given to each individual to attain their maximum potential. Click here for our group class listing & schedule!



Are you a runner looking to join a group to keep a schedule and keep it fun?  Looking to get back into shape by reviving your former running days?  Perhaps you've never run before! It's never too late to run your first race.  We will train you, condition you, and prepare you towards a goal, holding your hand (not literally) and motivating you at each step of the way.

Inquire about our Couch to 5K programs... and for the more daring, train for an obstacle race!

Contact our Marketing Department for more information.



Fenom has been home to several competetive basketball league tournaments.  Drop in to our Men's League and play a few games.  We do all the work and let you focus on your game. Call us if you have interest in forming a team or being a part of a league and we will set it up for you!



We understand finding parking at the train station can be stressful.  We'll make it easy for you: take an early morning boot camp class or book yourself into a personal training session at Fenom, and your car can stay in our lot for the day.  Fenom is a 5-minute walk to Harrison Train Station.  Use our facilities to workout, shower, and start your day off right!



An action-packed class designed to build endurance while being both fun and challenging for the whole family.  Be prepared to work up a sweat as you and your family together tackle obstacle courses and compete in fitness games together.  Prefer a sports-themed workout?  No worries, we'll make that happen too!



It's doesn't always have to be about supervised classes or personal training.  We are a gym afterall.  You are welcome to use our cardio deck and weight rooms for a nominal fee. 

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