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PAST EVENT: Open Gym: Saturday February 20th, 12-3pm

Join us for this SPECIAL Open Gym session.

Drop your kids and their friends off for 1 to 3 hours between 12 and 3 for SUPERVISED play time.

12PM - 3PM

Ages: 6 & up

Cost: $25 per hour

Kids will have access to our supervisors (Fenom coaching staff), the basketball court, AND the turf area. They are sure to have a blast!

Please note that this will not be a coaching session or Mini Camp.

Online Registration Instructions

Step 1: Go to Fenom's website ( and click "Book Now" at the top right corner Step 2: Log in to the portal Step 3: On the menu bar at the top of the page, click "BUY", then "SESSIONS" Choose "Open Gym" and buy anywhere from 1 to 3 sessions ($25 per hour for 1 to 3 hours) Step 4: Enter your payment details Step 5: On the menu bar at the top of the page, click "SCHEDULE", and find your custom class by filtering by day and time Step 6: Book each HOUR of Open Gym by clicking "Book Now"

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